Join us for business over lunch


First Friday Petersfield is pleased to be at its regular venue, the Folly Upstairs

Thank you to all those who joined us for First Friday networking at the Folly Upstairs, 7 October.

21 wonderful individuals joined us for lunch, where Answers Investigations presented on what they do as private investigators that perhaps you’d never see on Magnum PI!

Seriously though, there are times in one’s private and business life when we’d all like to know a bit more about whats going on. Whether we take action on what they uncover is up to us and the circumstances at the time, but it’s great to know that companies such as Answers Investigations are out there to uncover the truth.

What’s interesting about ‘Answers’ being at First Friday ‘again’, is that they presented maybe ten years ago, and the impression they left was one of professionalism and service, so when one of our regular attendees asked for a reference for an investigator they were still there in the memory banks.

Things have changed since they last presented and they have to be much more factual these days, so we hope you enjoyed their presentation and you’ll know where to find them should you ever need their services.


Our speakers –
Answers Investigations

Image of Answers Investigations staff

Answers Investigation help clients solve problems that don’t have straightforward solutions.

From difficult employees and false absenteeism, to evidence for tribunals and IT investigations, and so much more.